What is Blank Slate?

Blank Slate is an unofficial Kingdom Hearts coloring book featuring black and white uncolored fanart from 28 artists that had its original run in January 2021. Limited products will be available again during a leftovers sale from May 1-25.


What subject matter is included?

  • PG
  • No Ships
  • No OCs
  • Focus on console games
  • Gen art


What is gen art?

Gen art means no ships. While we do support shipping, we wanted this project to be a celebration of the series as a whole so all content and expressions of love portrayed is platonic.


Will there be international shipping?

We are only shipping to the United States and Canada. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and to keep the project size manageable, we will not be offering international shipping.


When will orders be shipped?

All orders are ready-to-ship and will be shipped out on a weekly basis while supplies last.


Will physical orders come with a digital pdf copy of the coloring book?

No. The digital pdf version of the coloring book is available for purchase in the Wisdom Bundle.


How long will sales be open?

Leftover sales will run from May 1 - May 25. Supplies are limited and specific items may run out of stock before the 25th.


Are there any bundle discounts?

Due to the extremely limited nature of the leftover sales, items are only available a-la-carte.


How many artists are involved?

There are 28 artists total. This number is split between guest invitations and general applications.


Is this project for profit?

Yes. After the leftover sales end, we will be splitting the remaining profits between mods and contributors.


Who is the team behind this project?

This team is made of creative working professionals with years of experience in digital and physical production - we're excited to launch our first fandom project! Please see the mods page on our carrd for details.


I have additional questions. Where should I ask?

Please either email or DM the project on:

Twitter: @khzine

Email: blankslatekh@gmail.com

For order-related inquiries, please email blankslatekh@gmail.com.